Why Work with HopeServeAction Foundation?

We are a powerful, experienced community of passionate business owners with a heart for service and a dedication to positive legacy.

Determined Doctors & Professionals

HSAF is supported by a core community of High Speed Alliance members who prioritize mastery of business, finance, family, and legacy. HSAF is a vehicle for tax-deductible funds used to help wherever a need is identified.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Part of our dream is to help those around us in need find lasting financial freedom so they can make their dreams realities for their families. HSAF makes our dream a reality, and we hope to do the same for many, many others.

Experienced Community Supporters

High Speed Alliance members have individually helped countless
families in their own communities and many run their own charitable and nonprofit organizations. Together, our experience is a powerful engine for change.

Recognizing Needs and Meeting Them

Thanks to input from its financially free membership of doctors, dentists, CEOs and small-business owners, HSAF has been uniquely structured to meet lasting needs through financial assistance and legacy-quality lifestyle training rather than simply providing temporary monetary relief through one-time gifts.

Helping Families. Being a Vehicle for Change.

In Dr. Forrest Bryant’s Words

As a practicing dentist, I came across people from all walks of life in my practice and on the mission trips I took with my family. I’ve learned that you can never assume anything about a person’s personal life based on their professional one, and sometimes there is a need far closer to home than you think. We have been truly blessed and we have been placed into a position of trust in the medical and dental community. We have so many successful clients with big hearts and a commitment to make a difference we knew we could do more.

My wife Carol has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. She has such a giving spirit and I knew that harnessing that desire with the financial horsepower of High Speed Alliance would make a huge impact on our world.

The HopeServeAction Foundation was born so that not just my family but families like us – families like yours with priority placed on financial freedom and lasting legacy – could combine our resources to assist families in need not just with an award of money (although financial assistance is crucial in most cases) but also with developing the financial planning and life skills necessary to make every HSAF participant feel they have received a hand up rather than a hand out. We want to instill hope and provide lasting resources to effect positive change. HSAF is our dream made real. We’d love for it to be yours as well. Please join us in bringing hope, smiles and happiness to those that need it.

Our Supporters

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October 1, 2021



Lives Changed

Hope Served

$5,000 to help a family with the technology needed for their daughter with disabilities to be able to communicate and participate in school activities.

$5,000 to help a family whose husband is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer with medical expenses incurred as they seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

$4,700 to help a single mom begin a new life and obtain a safe home for her two daughters.

$4,000 to help an office manager who is diagnosed with lymphoma and needs financial assistance with out-of-pocket medical expenses.

$3,200 to help build a custom playset for a family whose daughter suffers from both Mitochondrial disease and Macrophage Activation Syndrome. Swinging and sliding are her favorite activities, and she has been unable to enjoy them the last 2 years because of her compromised immune system and multiple hospitalizations.

Over $3,500 to help a single mom and daughter recover from losing all their worldly possessions during Hurricane Ida.

Over $4,600 to help a husband and father recover financially from a heart and lung transplant. HSAF provided rental assistance and a down payment on a much-needed vehicle for transportation to and from work and continued doctor’s appointments.