2024 Annual Report

Hope Served

Mission Statement:

The mission of the HopeServeAction Foundation Inc. is to instill hope in individuals and families that have been hurt, sick, wronged, forgotten, or disadvantaged by providing financial and emotional support to relieve hardship and pain caused by these unfortunate events.

You have all had a part in bringing the vision of Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Bryant to life by nominating and donating to the HopeServeAction Foundation. We want to express our sincere gratitude to you all for the HOPE that you have instilled in our award recipients.

2023 Impact:

In February 2023, the Southeast was ravaged by devastating tornadoes, leading to critical support for HSA member-led initiatives. Our contributions aided in disaster recovery and


  • • $10,000 to Blue Jean Church in Selma, AL.
  • • $5,000 to a member-led initiative in Amory, MS.

During the summer of 2023, HopeServeAction Foundation proudly donated $5,000 to support the Hope Global initiative, dedicated to building schools and supporting students in Vietnam. This initiative was founded by one of our HSA members.

In November 2023, we extended our help to a staff member of a HSA client in Alabama.  She was in need of assistance to leave a domestic situation. HopeServeAction stepped in and provided:

  • • $4,500 towards paying off her student loans from hygiene school.
  • • $500 to ensure her family experienced a memorable Christmas.

Previous Contributions to support the High Speed Alliance Community: Transforming Lives

  • • Post-Hurricane Aid: We assisted a mother and her daughter after their home floated three blocks off its foundation due to a hurricane. Our $4,000 donation provided household goods, clothes, and toiletries, helping them get back on their feet.
  • • Housing Assistance: We supported another single mom by helping her obtain housing, allowing her to build her credit and ensure comfort and safety. This assistance enabled her to continue working and providing for her family without worrying about housing costs for one year. Donation amount was $6000.
  • • Mounting Medical Bills: Paid out-of-pocket medical expenses for a wife and mom diagnosed with Lymphoma and another husband and father who was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. We supported these families with $5000 donations to pay back medical bills.
  • • Finding Reliable Transportation: Supplied $5000 towards a reliable car to a couple so they can get to work and continue paying monthly living expenses. This gentleman worked as much as he could during a brief illness and his girlfriend needed to provide care for him.
  • • Communication Made Possible: Able to pay $5000 towards a specialized computer to help a wheelchair-bound child communicate with her family and her medical team.
  • • Swings in Service: Provided $2000 towards a specialized and safe outdoor play space for an autistic child so she can enjoy being a kid!

This is a highlight of the impactful nominations and initiatives that come directly from our incredible HSA community. HopeServeAction Foundation is proud to shepherd donations from and requests to support the High Speed Alliance’s member network.


Foundation Plans….for 2024 and Beyond:

We are committed to continuing the momentum of creating powerful and impactful changes in the lives of those who have endured unfortunate events. Our work has made a significant difference, and we are proud of our accomplishments. We look forward to touching even more lives in 2024 and beyond.

Remember, the HopeServeAction Foundation was established as a means for our High Speed Community to help those closest to us—whether in our families, communities, businesses, or local organizations. Thank you to everyone who has donated and nominated.

Together, we can make a difference and create powerful change.