Erica is a 14 year old girl with special needs. She has both Mitochondrial disease along with Macrophage Activation Syndrome, which means she is constantly fighting off infections. Erica spends over 14 hours a day indoors because of medication requirements and her feeding tube. Having a safe place for her to play at home was a dream for her family. Because of Erica’s size and being immunocompromised, children’s playgrounds were too small and dangerous for her. HopeServeAction Foundation stepped in and gifted Erica a custom designed playset right in her own backyard. Her beautiful smile says it all!


Ashley is a single mom who bravely left an abusive relationship which meant she and her daughters did not have a place to live. Her family housed them temporarily until she saved enough money to begin renting this home. HopeServeAction Foundation stepped in to help her pay the rent for the property lot for the first year. Ashley continues to work full time, began a side job of housecleaning on weekends and has made this house a home. She is extremely grateful for the generousity of HopeServeAction Foundation. Ashley is now supporting her daughters in a safe and loving home!


Amy was diagnosed with lymphoma in July of 2021. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Although she has insurance, it has a high deductible each year and that, coupled with her inability to work during treatment, meant her family was in need of financial assistance. During this difficult time, HopeServeAction Foundation helped Amy recover financially. She is now back at work part-time, hoping to return to full time hours soon.


The first recipient of the HopeServeAction Foundation is Darcy. After hearing her story, we helped Darcy and her family by giving them a amazing beach trip. Because she is still vulnerable to large crowds, a small, private trip meant the world to them. We are thrilled to see Darcy playing hard in the sand and enjoying life! We also plan to help them with an additional gift or celebration once she completes Chemotherapy in September of 2022.

A Recent Thank You Note from Darcy's Family

The Speegle Family

Shelly & Daughter Jayden

Shelly and her 12-year-old daughter, Jayden, lost their home and all their belongings during Hurricane Ida. HopeServeAction Foundation provided them with a monetary donation to purchase essential household and kitchen items, clothing, and personal items. We “Hope” these gifts will help them recover quickly from this devastating loss.


Pierre had an emergency heart and kidney transplant in February 2021. The Foundation helped him with rent and additional financial assistance while he was unable to work full time. He recently reached his 1 year anniversary of receiving his new heart and kidney and is continuing to improve each day. Pierre said he is so thankful for HopeServeAction Foundation helping him on the road to full recovery!


The Foundation helped with the purchase of a TOBII Dynavox computer system which allows LilyBell to communicate with her family and teachers. LilyBell suffered a stroke in-utereo, is confined to a wheelchair and has limited independence. HopeServeAction Foundation is thrilled to help enhance LilyBell’s quality of life by giving her “Hope through our Actions”.