Board Members

Dr. Forrest Bryant
Mrs. Carol Bryant
Sheri Rustic
Jenny Powell

Operations Team

Gina Botters – Director
Sheri Rustic
Tom Olson

Meet Dr. Forrest and Carol Bryant  

Not only is Dr. Forrest Bryant a successful business owner and retired dentist, he is a philanthropist at heart. He has a “teach a man to fish” outlook to all he meets.  Dr. Bryant and his wife Carol have been personally assisting others for years through private donations, volunteering on local charitable boards, and supporting local churches.  Through the success of their current businesses, they want to harness the collective philanthropic efforts of the community they developed to create a Legacy of helping others.

Dr. Bryant has given his talents by serving on medical/dental missions in El Salvador and Belize. He has provided medical and dental services to many children and adults in the US also who, otherwise, would not have access to this type of care.  He also helped in the founding of a Free Medical and Dental Clinic in Alabama.

He holds degrees from Auburn University and University of Alabama – Birmingham School of Dentistry as well as several insurance and securities licenses.  Dr. Bryant and his family manage multiple businesses as well.  His passion is to not only help others financially, but to educate towards a life of freedom.

Mrs. Carol Bryant has had the vision for this foundation for many years. She is answering a call to serve those experiencing hardships through no fault of their own. Carol’s vision and heart has compelled her to share the abundance that she and Dr. Bryant have built for themselves over their 25 year marriage.

She has accompanied her husband on several medical/dental mission trips to Belize and they are grateful to share their resources and love to those in need.

The Bryants are devoted parents of two college students who have been raised to have empathy for those around them and to step in when they see injustices or mistreatment.  They are looking forward to making HopeServeAction a global foundation, helping those deserving families with financial and emotional support.

In their spare time, you can find the Bryants enjoying the Florida lifestyle, biking to local farmers markets, cheering on the Auburn and TCU Football teams, fishing and exploring the beautiful Emerald Coast.

Meet Sheri Rustic

Sheri has a soft spot in her heart to help those in need. She also has a keen sense of connection with almost everyone she meets. Involved from the ground up with Hope Serve Action, she is delighted in seeing the vision of Dr. and Mrs. Bryant finally come to life. Sheri’s strength lies in connections, communication and operations.

Sheri and her family have donated their time, treasure and talent to various charities and organizations both locally and within the church.  It’s important to her that her family share their abundance and they feel a heart full of gratitude when doing so.  You can find her family assisting in local charities packing school supplies, reading and volunteering and being an “angel” to a foster child during the holidays.

Professionally, Sheri acts as Director of Investor Relations for Dr. Bryant’s company, High Speed Alliance, and has held senior level positions at companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, Celebrity Cruises and various advertising agencies.

Sheri lives in the greater Huntsville area with her husband (who also serves on the board of a local charity), her two daughters and her rescue Springer Spaniel.  She loves to play tennis, practice yoga, cook and spend time with her family – when she’s not driving them to and from the dance studio.

Meet Jenny Powell, CFP

Jenny has a passion for helping people. As a board member of Hope Serve Action, she is committed to serving alongside Dr. and Mrs. Forrest and Carol Bryant as they seek to bless others through this philanthropy. She brings to the team a wealth of experience in finance, tax, and non-profit establishment and administration.

Jenny has worked in the financial services industry for the past sixteen years, much of which was spent focused on income tax working for a local CPA firm. She received her Bachelor’s from California State University, Chico in 2000, with a double major in Accounting and Management Information Systems. She spent the first several years out of college working as an IT Engineer at Hewlett-Packard in Roseville, CA before relocating back to California’s Central Valley. In 2013, Jenny made the decision to return to graduate school at Kansas State University and pursue the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. She held advisor positions at two different firms before joining the High Speed Alliance Team in 2018.

Jenny currently lives in Northern California with her husband and four active children. She has spent substantial time over the years volunteering her tax and finance skills for several local non-profit organizations in her community. In her free time, she enjoys weight lifting, being involved with her kids competitive soccer and dance, and traveling with her family.

Meet Tom Olson

Founder & CEO, Good Success & The Olson Group Network

Tom Olson is the founder and CEO of Good Success and the Olson Group Network. He is the author of multiple popular books for investors, including The 30-Day Good Success Journey, Active Turnkey: The Best Way to Buy Rentals, and Investors vs. Contractors. Tom hosts The Good Success Podcast, a popular podcast for investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving lasting financial success as well as true personal and professional fulfillment, including building lasting legacies for their families and broader communities, through their investing and their businesses.

Since its founding, Good Success has expanded to include the Good Success Mastermind and the Good Success Community Go-Giver event series. Both events focus on entrepreneurial and investor success from every angle, including generating high returns and achieving truly meaningful, lasting, Good Success.

Good Success nurtures every angle of the truly fulfilled investor and entrepreneur by constantly refining and evaluating their vision, holding them accountable for both positive and negative actions, and providing ongoing support and opportunities for growth. Good Success offers mastermind memberships involving higher levels of conversation with a trusted board of advisors to help you “move the needle” on your returns as well as its Community Go-Giver event series, which focuses on helping investors build up communities around them. The focal point of the Community Go-Giver series is Tom’s passion project, Flipping Gary, which revolves around his personal and professional mission to literally fix-and-flip the town of Gary, Indiana. Gary remains full of untapped potential due to its location literally at the transportation and shipping crossroads of the country but has, until recently, languished as the U.S. steel industry struggled to compete with international interests.

Learn more about Tom and Good Success at GoodSuccess.com.

Meet Gina Botters

Gina brings over 25 years’ experience serving on multiple volunteer organizations boards of directors focused on the needs of military and civilian families. She recruited teams and successfully planned charity events, auctions, and fundraisers. Most recently, Gina served as the Vice President of the Fort Bragg Area Community Foundation where she vetted qualified applicants for the administration of funds for soldiers and families facing illness and extreme hardships. In her work with the Protestant Women of the Chapel, Gina served as a mentor to young spouses struggling with being new members of the military community.  As a former Human Resources Supervisor for a large automotive manufacturing plant, she adds administrative, budgeting, interviewing, recruitment and vetting skills to our team.

Gina is an alumnus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (BA) and Webster University (MA).  She is the recipient of the Department of the Army Meritorious Public Service Medal, Department of the Army Commander’s Award for Public Service, and the 25th Infantry Division Ali’i Award for outstanding Community Service.  Gina and her husband of 30 years have two children in college. Her husband recently retired from the U.S. Army and both are happy to call Madison, Alabama home. Gina is excited to be on board to support and expand the Hope Serve Action Foundation.