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Hope Served

$5,000 to help a family with the technology needed for their daughter with disabilities to be able to communicate and participate in school activities.

$5,000 to help a family whose husband is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer with medical expenses incurred as they seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

$4,000 to help an office manager who is diagnosed with lymphoma and needs financial assistance with out-of-pocket medical expenses.

$3,200 to help build a custom playset for a family whose daughter suffers from both Mitochondrial disease and Macrophage Activation Syndrome. Swinging and sliding are her favorite activities, and she has been unable to enjoy them the last 2 years because of her compromised immune system and multiple hospitalizations.

$2,000 to help a family whose son is diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia and needs assistance with out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Over $3,500 to help a single mom and daughter recover from losing all their worldly possessions during Hurricane Ida.

Over $4,600 to help a husband and father recover financially from a heart and lung transplant. HSAF provided rental assistance and a down payment on a much-needed vehicle for transportation to and from work and continued doctor’s appointments.



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